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Why Do Parking Lot Lines Begin to Fade?

Find out the most common reasons why parking lot striping paint fades over time.

Parking lot striping paint plays a critical role in making it easy for visitors to navigate, and it helps to reduce the chance of accidents. Using parking lot paint to display necessary pavement markings is also key to meeting the conditions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Typically, you will need to restripe your parking lot every two or three years, but it may be needed sooner if it’s a busy parking lot. Hiring professionals is essential in making sure everything is done right.

Here are the most common reasons why parking lot lines can fade.

Weather Conditions

Numerous environmental factors impact how long parking spaces will need to be restriped. For example, hot sunny weather for an extended period can cause parking lot paint to fade over time. Standing water in your parking lot can also damage the parking lot lines.

You will likely need parking lot striping paint services at least every 24 months or sooner. Sealcoating your pavement can also help to protect your parking lot against the elements.

High-Traffic Areas

Parking lot striping paint will begin to fade sooner if you experience a lot of traffic. All this extra wear and tear creates extra friction that will cause the line painting of parking spots to fade. Taking a proactive approach by restriping your parking lot is especially important in keeping your property safe. A striped parking lot will look great, and it can often make a positive impression on anyone that visits your business.

Poor Installation

Hiring an experienced asphalt contractor specializing in parking lot striping services is key to ensuring you are happy with the finished product. Most contractors will apply high-quality parking lot paint by using an airless striping machine. Of course, some of the paint will soak into the pavement, which is why most contractors will apply two lighter coats for optimal results. Not using quality paint or only applying one coat can cause the parking lines to fade much more quickly.

Dirty Pavement

An asphalt paving contractor needs to take the extra time to clean your pavement before applying paint. Failure to clean the pavement beforehand will make it much more difficult for the paint to hold together. Sweeping the pavement ahead of time to remove any debris is essential in making sure the striping paint will look great. Keeping your parking lot clean is also a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property.

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