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Paving Maintenance for Homeowner Association

A primary goal for members of homeowners associations is creating and sustaining attractive well-managed communities. Members take great pride in the appearance of their homes, community, and the condition of their paved roads. They know that first impressions always matter and they work diligently to keep their community safe and attractive. Through the efforts of the association, paving maintenance procedures can allow community members to gain enhanced property values and a positive image that is attractive to new residents.

A major consideration for many community associations is managing the paving maintenance and repair of community parking areas, streets and walkways. The PLS paving company possesses extensive experience providing paving support and counseling to community associations all across Central Florida. At PLS, our engineers and paving contractors work constantly to stay abreast of changes in technology, insurance requirements, American with Disabilities Act requirements, and other challenges faced by homeowners and community associations. This ongoing effort affords us the ability to offer intelligent and, cost-effective paving maintenance solutions to manage and protect your investment in communal concrete and asphalt paving.

Planning and Paving Maintenance

We understand that homeowner’s association property managers are extremely busy people. Constantly dealing with property management issues and limited budgets that can make it difficult to keep up with routine maintenance tasks.

Parking Lot Services of Florida paving company offers positive solutions that make your job less difficult. Our comprehensive Pavement Management Plan (PMP) is a prioritized approach to managing asphalt pavement and concrete repair and maintenance. The system focuses on preserving and protecting the functionality and appearance of paving in order to extend its useful life. Your community asphalt pavement and concrete sidewalks maintain their attractive appearance and the homeowners association avoids the need for expensive pavement repair or replacement.

Prioritizing Tasks and Allocating ResourcesWith a managed paving maintenance plan, you identify minor maintenance and repair issues before they become expensive problems. PLS will conduct an initial evaluation of your property to assess present and future asphalt repair and maintenance issues. This makes it simpler to budget for present and future repairs and maintenance without straining your budget. The work can be carried out over a period of time based on funding, which allows work to be completed in stages to minimize reduced access and traffic

disruption in the community. Property managers and the expert paving contractors at PLS work together to reduces the cost and hassle involved with pavement management. Homeowners enjoy well-maintained and attractive communal parking, sidewalks and paved areas without disruption and within their paving maintenance budgets.

Contact the experts at the PLS paving company today to see the difference a pavement management strategy will make in your community.