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Recommendations from Asphalt Paving Contractors for Your Parking lot

What asphalt paving contractors recommend for parking lot maintenance and repairs.

Whether you have a new or old parking lot, you need to do everything possible to maintain its durability. Ignoring your asphalt paving makes it erode, resulting in expensive repairs and sometimes resurfacing. Working with asphalt paving contractors ensures that your parking lot lasts longer and preserves its glamorous appearance.

Asphalt contractors offer some viable recommendations that help you mitigate the natural wear and tear, as discussed below.

Regular Cleaning

Good cleaning goes a long way in preserving your parking lot in good condition and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your business. It’s therefore essential to set time each month to clean your parking lot.

When cleaning, pay attention to removing debris such as leaves and garbage to prevent your parking lot from getting stained or damaged over time. You also need to control weed growth as if ignored, the weeds increase in number and size. Eventually, they break through the asphalt paving, resulting in severe and more expensive damages.

Also, focus on oil stains and chemical spills. Try to clean these as soon as they occur because if you leave them for too long, they’ll deteriorate the asphalt pavement surface. Ensure you clean the stains using de-greasing cleaning agents made explicitly for asphalt.

Patching and Repair

Asphalt patching and repair is an essential asphalt paving maintenance procedure helps in keeping your pavement clean, presentable, and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you hire competent asphalt paving contractors to carry out regular inspections and identify cracks as soon as they start developing. The contractor notes down any possible cracks and especially cracks, and recommends the best repair practice and plan.

Asphalt contractors suggest you repair cracks as soon as you note them to prevent them from developing into potholes. The asphalt contractors use asphalt cold patch along with asphalt crack filler to repair the cracks. The two products are most recommended since they’re easy to use and dry up quickly. Alternatively, the contractors can use hot filler, which offers a long-term solution as opposed to cold fill.

Pothole patching is another essential parking lot repair exercise that needs to be completed by a professional. Small cracks on your asphalt pavement allow water to pass through, leading to contraction and expansion. Consequently, the cracks enlarge, resulting in pothole development. As part of parking lot maintenance, the contractor fixes the potholes as soon as they happen to prevent them from growing larger.


When planning asphalt repair in Tampa, never underestimate the power of sealcoating. It preserves, protects, and extends the lifespan of your parking lot. You need to schedule for sealcoating exercises twelve months after your asphalt paving contractors lay the initial paving. This gives the pavement enough time to cure and get ready for a sealant coat.

Sealcoating regularly slows the asphalt paving deterioration rate and improves the lifecycle costs of your asphalt investment. When included as part of your comprehensive parking lot maintenance schedule, asphalt sealcoating in Tampa prolongs the lifespan of your parking lot. Other benefits of sealcoating include:

  • Replacing the eroded parts
  • Slowing oxidation
  • Enhancing the visual aesthetics of your property and
  • Optimizing the overall value of your asphalt paving

To realize these benefits, make sure you apply a sealcoat every two to three years. Ensure that you hire professional asphalt paving contractors since they know the best sealant to use on your parking lot.


How often you re-strip, your parking lot depends on the amount of traffic you receive at your premises. If your parking lot is busy, then your parking lot markings are likely to fade faster; hence you’ll need to re-strip often. You should also re-strip after sealcoating.

Striping a parking lot is a mandatory exercise and has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increasing the visual appeal of your parking lot
  • Guiding traffic around your parking area
  • Having clearly designated areas
  • ADA compliance and
  • Improving the safety and security of your parking lot.

Work with Professional Asphalt Paving Contractors

At Parking Lot Services in Tampa, we take pride in delivering high-quality services to all our customers. If you’re looking for asphalt paving contractors, give us a call today and we will be happy to inspect, evaluate, and recommend the best maintenance services depending on your needs.