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Reflective Paint Markers in Tampa

An in-depth look at the importance of PLS-installed reflective paint markers for Tampa properties.

Reflective paint markers are undoubtedly one of the most overlooked aspects of our surrounding environment. We spot them on public roads, parking lots, private streets, and other spaces but few people pay close attention to them. Though often ignored, reflective paint markers really do serve an important purpose. Available in numerous colors, PLS reflective paint markers light up the road in front of our vehicles so we can better guide our vehicles.

About PLS Reflective Paint Markers

Reflective paint markers, also referred to as raised pavement markers or RPMs, make every road and property that much safer for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others. Each reflective paint marker color has a distinct meaning. Red tends to mean something negative such as the driver is going in the wrong direction. This is an indication to turn around. Those who are driving in the proper direction will likely see yellow or white reflective paint markers.

Amber or yellow reflective paint markers are usually placed to indicate the road’s center line or the left edge of a road that is one-way. White reflective paint markers are used to separate lanes of traffic going in the same direction. They are also used along the right edge of the road to boot.

PLS Also Installs Reflective Paint Markers for Emergency Purposes

Blue reflective paint markers are meant to grab the attention of those who drive emergency vehicles. They indicate a fire hydrant is approaching on the side of the street. Blue markers are commonly positioned along the sides or middle portion of streets. If a fire hydrant is positioned at a corner, it is possible for each street to have its own distinct marker. Blue reflective paint markers also sometimes indicate an upcoming emergency entrance to streets by firehouses. This is something even an everyday driver can take notice of and benefit from.

PLS Installs Reflective Paint Markers for Private Streets in Tampa Bay

Green reflective paint markers serve multiple purposes. They are typically used on roads near gated communities to identify access points for emergency vehicles. Utility companies might also use green reflective paint markers to help pinpoint roadside installations without delay. This is especially important in the midst of an emergency. PLS also installs green and red markers along private roads as a means of restricting or permitting vehicle access to certain areas.

Reach out to PLS for Reflective Paint Marker Installation

If you are interested in having reflective paint markers added to your Tampa property or if you need any other type of parking lot installation, repair or maintenance, PLS is at your service. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation where you can learn more about our services and obtain a free quote.