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Why You Should Schedule Blacktop Sealcoating Services During the COVID-19 Situation

Why sealcoating blacktop is vital to the functionality of your parking lot..

Blacktop sealcoating is one of the most essential parking lot maintenance services. The process protects your paved areas and dramatically enhances the overall appearance of your parking lot. It’s the best investment you can make to prolong the lifespan of your asphalt since it keeps elements off your asphalt paving

The entire asphalt sealcoating process requires ample preparation to ensure the final results give your parking lot a brand new look. While you can plan for the exercise at any time of the day, you should do it when there’s minimal traffic. Although the COVID-19 situation is causing havoc in many industries across the globe, it also creates a perfect time to schedule asphalt sealcoating services.

Why the COVID-19 Situation is the Right Time to Schedule for Blacktop Sealcoating

Most sealers require 24 hours to cure fully. That means if you carry out the exercise during the regular working hours, you’ll be forced to stop traffic flow for some time. In that case, you have the option of sealcoating at night or wait until the weekend.

With the mandatory stay-at-home order, your parking lot will most likely be empty. Therefore, performing asphalt sealcoating in Tampa during this time means that your asphalt paving will have enough full cure time. Also, the parking lot maintenance team will have freedom performing the necessary preparation required for the blacktop sealcoating process.

Sealcoating Process

Parking lot services follow a procedural process to ensure that the blacktop sealcoating exercise achieves the desired results. The process involves:


At this stage, the team evaluates the current condition of your parking lot, including the surface and the foundation. The preparation stage involves various tasks, including:

  • Cleaning using commercial sweepers and rotary brooms
  • Turning off water runoff such as sprinklers if there’re any
  • Cover any oil and gasoline spots

Asphalt Patching and Repair

This is one of the most crucial stages of asphalt repair. It helps repair cracks that may have occurred due to sunlight exposure, heavy traffic, or heavy rainfall. Hiring an asphalt sealcoating contractor as soon as you note the first signs of cracking saves you costly repairs in the future. The team also repairs potholes and replaces any severely damaged areas.

Blacktop Sealcoat Application

Professional asphalt paving contractor prepares the sealant mixture depending on the needs of your parking lot. The team uses a sprayer or squeegee to apply a seal coat layer on the entire surface. They recheck to see if there’re any missed spots in which case they apply a second layer. Sealcoating fills the damaged surface and provides a protective layer against UV rays, water, and oil spills.


After sealcoating, you must strip your pavement to restore the parking lot markings. Restriping improves the overall appearance of your parking lot, creating an impression you’re an organized property owner. When restriping, Parking Lot Services in Tampa ensures that your parking lot meets ADA compliance by leaving the required number of accessible spaces and wide parking spots.

Restriping takes care of any parking space issues that you may have faced in the past, such as small parking spots or few spaces than the number of vehicles that visit your business. During the exercise, the contractor ensures the designated fire lane is well marked for easy access by the safety team and first responders.

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Each of the above stages requires that the contractor gets minimal to no distraction. Blacktop sealcoating during the COVID-19 situation ensures that there are no cars to spill oil, fuel, or transmission fluid that pose a threat to the freshly sealed asphalt.

At Parking Lot Services, we’re here to serve you at all times, even during this COVID-19 situation. If you require asphalt repair Tampa, be sure to contact us, and we’ll be happy to serve you with a no-cost consultation!