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Sealcoating Your Parking Lot Will Increase Its Lifespan

Looking for a way to increase the lifespan of your parking lot? Sealcoating is the answer.

Parking lots face a variety of threats. Everything from the sun’s harsh UV light to rain and other environmental factors can cause damage to your parking lot. Even a gas or oil spill can leave a nasty stain on your lot. You need something to protect your property against all of these potential sources of damage. Sealcoating is the best way to protect your parking lot.

About Sealcoating

Sealcoating has the potential to possibly double your pavement’s life. A sealcoating protects against everything from moisture to the sun’s wrath, pounding rain, oil, gas, and oxidation. This tough and incredibly protective coating will shield your parking lot for many years.

There is no sense in letting your lot wear down from traffic, weather, and other sources. The greying of your asphalt, referred to as oxidation, is an indication of lot aging and surface deterioration. A pavement that becomes oxidized leads to raveling of aggregate from the surface that makes the pavement rough. The surface turns brittle and allows for the development of cracks. The end result is pavement that gradually falls apart.

If there is any water present in the open pavement structure, there will almost certainly be pavement damage. You need a form of preventative maintenance that keeps your parking lot in elite condition. A sealcoat doubles your lot’s life as it guards against an array of destructive stimuli, keeping your lot in tip-top condition no matter what threats exist.

When Sealcoating Should be implemented

A sealcoat that is asphalt-based should be applied between three months and two years following the placement of the pavement. The ideal temperature for a sealcoating project is 50 degrees and rising. The specific time of the project hinges on an array of factors, such as mat girth, weather, and location.

Why Additives are Sometimes Used

Certain additives are used to boost the quality of the cured film used for the sealer. Additives also improve the look and longevity of the sealcoat. Additives do everything from dry the film faster to hasten the curing, enhancing color, toughening up cured film, and allowing for additional sand loading.

Sealcoating for Aesthetics

Aside from the functional reasons to sealcoat your parking lot, it is also important to note the addition of a sealcoat will make the space that much more visually appealing. Sealcoating provides your property with an attractive slate black hue that is surprisingly easy to clean. Silica sand is commonly used in sealer to make the wearing surface heavier. This addition extends the sealer’s lifespan and makes it that much more skid resistant to boot.

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