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Sealcoating: Why It’s So Important in Tampa, Florida

Sealcoating is essential to the lifespan and serviceability of your Tampa parking lot.

Sealcoating is an important yet commonly neglected component of a successful pavement management plan. Sealcoating consists of either a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement combined with inert fillers, emulsifying agents, additives, and water. Pavement sealing is added in narrow coats to safeguard pavement surfaces against threats like the sun’s ultraviolet rays, moisture, oil, gas, and pressure from above.

Why Every Tampa Bay Parking Lot Should be Sealcoated

Perhaps the top reason to sealcoat your Tampa parking lot is to prevent water and oxidation from ruining the asphalt. Sealcoating is necessary to fill those gaps and divots along the surface of your lot. This decreases the exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It also decreases the depth at which gas or oil can move below and wreak havoc.

Tampa Parking Lot Sealcoating Enhances Aesthetics

Once your Tampa Bay parking lot is sealcoated, it will be laden with a black sealant. This protective layer will make your lot look brand new. Just as important is the fact that the sealcoating will help your parking lot wear just like a brand new lot. Your lovely parking lot will prove that much more appealing to prospective customers, business partners, and other guests.

Boost Your Pavement’s Flexibility With a Sealcoating

Sealcoating makes your parking lot that much darker and visually striking. This darkening of your pavement allows the pavement to absorb the sun’s rays, become hotter, and that much more flexible. You need flexible pavement to endure the pounding from the traffic above. If your lot is too rigid, it will inevitably crack after being subjected to extensive pressure.

Tampa Parking Lot Sealcoating Prevents Water Exposure and Oxidation

Sealcoat your parking lot and it will no longer soak up water like it used to. Sealcoating functions just like waterproofing, sending the water away from the pavement. This prevention of water penetration ultimately prolongs your lot’s useful life. Every Tampa property owner should know moisture is one of the top causes of potholes and cracks in parking lots and other surfaces.

Protection Against Gas, Oil, and Other Spills

Gas that drips from a fuel tank has the potential the compromise the integrity of unsealed asphalt. However, the coal tar applied during a sealcoating is not susceptible to such spills.

A Layer of Protection Against Pressure Washes

Pressure washes apply an incredible amount of force to your parking lot. Such washing is necessary for areas by dumpsters. Sealcoating guards your asphalt against water pressure and detergents used in pressure washes.

Have Your Asphalt Sealcoated and It Will Prove Easy to Maintain

Our sealcoating service fill voids along the surface of the lot. We coat the surface to provide it with a smooth surface that can be maintained with ease throughout the entirety of the year. As an example, if a delivery truck spills its cargo or if there is another mess to clean up, will prove that much easier on a newly-sealcoated smooth surface.

Save Money With a Tampa Parking Lot Sealcoating

Sealcoat your Tampa parking lot and this investment will eventually pay for itself. You will spend that much less on repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Furthermore, sealcoating won’t ruin your budget to start with.

Sealcoating Prep

Your Tampa Bay parking lot will have to be properly prepared before a sealcoating can be applied. Cracks and flaws in your pavement must be remedied before the sealing takes place. Our team will eliminate oil spills, cracks, and potholes. The only other consideration of note prior to the sealcoating application is the weather. The weather must cooperate in order for the sealcoating application to prove effective.

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