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What is Block Cracking and How is it Repaired?

How to identify signs of block cracking and why you need to get it repaired.

Block cracking often occurs on asphalt surfaces with minimal use. You can easily identify this problem by noticing multiple cracks that deepen and spread over a specific area. Pavement cracking may only be around a foot in length, or it may consist of several square yards. These cracks will only get worse over time due to moisture seeping through the pavement.

Here is a brief overview of block cracking and why you need to consider asphalt patching and repair services to repair these cracks.

Why Does Block Cracking Occur?

Block cracking often occurs due to the asphalt binding agent hardening and becoming brittle due to age. The pavement will eventually contract with temperature changes, which causes the asphalt to break into smaller sections. Using the wrong asphalt binding agent will often result in premature block cracking. However, it may also occur if there is an issue during the asphalt manufacturing process.

How to Repair Block Cracking

Dealing with pavement cracking is always a frustrating problem for business owners. Block cracking is often extremely rough, which makes it difficult to walk or drive over the surface. This problem will often get worse over time and pose significant safety concerns to pedestrians and drivers alike.

Reaching out to a company that offers professional parking lot services is essential in taking care of this problem as soon as possible. Typically, cracks less than a half-inch across can easily be sealed to prevent additional damages and keep moisture out of the pavement. These parking lot sealcoating services can add many years to the lifespan of your pavement.

Cracks in your parking lot that are wider than half an inch across will need to be replaced to avoid further problems. An asphalt paving company can easily take care of this issue and save you a lot of time and stress. Replacing the damaged pavement will dramatically improve the appearance of your parking lot and create a much safer place for your employees and customers.

How to Avoid Future Problems

One of the best ways to stay proactive is to reach out to a company that offers asphalt sealcoating services. Choosing to sealcoat your parking lot every three to five years is an excellent way to keep it looking great while also protecting it against the elements. You may also need to schedule these services more often if your parking lot experiences high traffic on a regular basis.

Routinely cleaning your parking lot is also an effective way to extend its lifespan. Sweeping debris from your parking lot each week will also improve the curb appeal of your business and help you attract more customers. Keeping a close eye on your parking lot can also help you identify any signs of block cracking as soon as it appears.

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