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5 Parking Lot Paving and Striping Tasks to Have Completed in Early 2022

An overview of the main parking lot paving and striping tasks businesses need to consider for the new year.

A parking lot needs continual maintenance and care to keep it looking great for many years. Parking lots are often the first thing visitors will notice about your business. Keeping them well-maintained is an excellent way to make a strong first impression.

Working with a parking lot pavement company with years of experience is always a wise decision to ensure you are more than satisfied with their services. An experienced asphalt contractor can easily perform a wide range of tasks, whether it’s parking lot paving and striping, site preparation, asphalt repairs, and much more.

Here are a few of the top asphalt parking lot paving and striping tasks your business needs to consider for early 2022.

1) Repair Cracks and Potholes

Cracks and potholes are often major issues in a parking lot that will only get worse. These problems often start small but will eventually get much bigger. Potholes can even cause damages to vehicles and are also tripping hazards. Hiring a paving contractor to repair all of these different cracks and potholes is essential to extending the lifespan of your parking area.

2) Fix Drainage Issues

Drainage problems are a common issue in many parking lots throughout Florida. These drainage issues can cause widespread damage to your parking lot due to all of the standing water that eventually seeps within the pavement. An asphalt paving company will investigate the source of the problem while making the necessary repairs and adjustments to fix this issue and protect your investment.

3) Parking Lot Striping

The striping and pavement marking in a parking lot will eventually fade over time due to the elements. These faded lines can disrupt traffic flow and increase the chance of an accident. Hiring an asphalt paving contractor for a line painting and striping project is a great way to stay proactive while improving safety for anyone using your parking lot.

4) Redesign Parking Lot

Redesigning a parking lot is helpful in avoiding excessive wear and tear on your asphalt pavement. If you have the extra space, adding lots of parking spaces can make it easier for your customers to access your business. Parking stalls need to be at least 18 feet in length and 9 feet wide. These parking lot lines will also need to stay in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities¬†Act, which is why it’s always important to hire an experienced parking lot line striping company.

5) Sealcoating Services

Understanding how to increase the lifespan of your parking lot is always a top priority. Investing in parking lot sealcoating services is a great way to give your asphalt and parking lot lines a fresh appearance. Sealcoating helps protect your pavement against wear and tear from traffic and the outside elements.

Typically, it’s recommended to schedule sealcoating services every two to three years. The amount of traffic in your parking lot will have an impact on how often you need to use these services.

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