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Repairing Asphalt Cracks Lengthens the Useful Life of Your Parking Lot

Repairing asphalt cracks is the first step in parking lot repairs.

Asphalt patching and repair is the first line of defense against pavement degradation. If left unrepaired, the cracks allow water to seep through, leading to parking lot foundation damage. With time, these cracks widen and eventually cause potholes. Fortunately, there’re several options for repairing asphalt cracks to prevent these damages.

Types of Asphalt Cracks and Repair Methods

There’re several causes of asphalt cracks such as:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • High traffic on your asphalt paving
  • Poor asphalt drainage
  • Incorrect asphalt installation

Repairing asphalt cracks require identification of the type of problem you’re dealing with. You also need to practice timely parking lot maintenance to prevent the cracks from deteriorating further. The most common types of asphalt cracks include:

Slippage Cracking

These occur when non-adhesive materials such as water or dirt lead to weak bonding between asphalt and the foundation material. When there’s asphalt mixture deficiency, the paving is weak and develops cracks soon after installation. The contractor removes the material around the crack up to the point where there’s strong bonding. The upper part is then patched up to prevent further damage.

Traverse Cracking

These types of cracks are perpendicular to the centerline of your asphalt paving. They occur due to the shrinkage of the asphalt layer. Although they are not load related, heavy traffic can aggravate them. Asphalt sealcoating is the best option for protecting asphalt from suffering from this form of cracking.

Fatigue Cracks

Also known as crocodile cracks, these asphalt cracks occur as a result of heavy traffic on your asphalt paving. Factors such as poor parking lot drainage and weak subgrade aggravate fatigue cracks. An asphalt crack repair removes the affected area and replaces it with an appropriate asphalt mix.

Reflection Cracks

These cracks happen if your asphalt overlay is placed over the cracked pavement. The old pavement shifts making the cracks to reflect on the overlay. If you have reflection cracks on your, there’re two repair options:

  • Asphalt sealcoating- the contractor chooses asphalt crack sealcoating repair option when the cracks are not too advanced.
  • Full replacement- if the cracks are advanced, replacement of the entire affected part is the best option.

Benefits of Repairing Asphalt Cracks

Asphalt is a durable material, and that’s why many parking lot owners prefer using it over other materials. As you can see, it’s prone to cracking, calling for regular parking lot maintenance services. Routine asphalt crack repairs help you get the most out of your asphalt paving. Below are various benefits of repairing asphalt cracks as soon as you note them:

Increases Your Asphalt Paving’s Resilience

Asphalt crack repairs include sealcoating, which allows your asphalt more flexibility. Unlike asphalt patching and repair, asphalt sealcoating provides a rubbery consistency to your pavement. Even when the temperatures in Florida rise, causing asphalt expansion, your pavement remains impenetrable.

Provides a Protection Layer

Besides repairing the visible damages, asphalt crack repairs such as sealcoating protect your pavement against water penetration. Therefore, you can minimize severe asphalt damage by practicing regular asphalt patching and repairs.

Helps Prolong the Lifespan of Your Parking Lot

Routine maintenance, such as crack patching and sealcoating, helps double the lifespan of your parking lot. Crack repair prevents vegetation growth and debris accumulation on the cracks, hence preventing the cracks from enlarging. If ignored, the cracks allow water to seep through to the foundation, leading to fast degradation.

Repairing Asphalt Cracks is Quick and Cost-effective

Asphalt crack repair is the most cost-effective means of revamping your asphalt pavement. Parking Lot Services in Tampa handle asphalt crack repairs in Tampa in a professional manner such that there’s minimal interference with work. Professional contractors also use quality material to ensure the repairs last longer.

Contact PLS for Quality Asphalt Crack Repairs in Tampa

To realize the above benefits of repairing asphalt cracks, be sure to work with professional contractors. Parking Lot Services in Tampa is dedicated to providing quality parking lot maintenance services. We offer asphalt crack repair in Tampa, sealcoating, patching, and crack filling. If you’re in need of any asphalt maintenance services, be sure to contact us.