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Sealcoating: Asphalt Coating is More than Just an Aesthetic Procedure

Why is asphalt coating important to the look and functionality of your parking lot?

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you should incorporate asphalt sealcoating in your regular parking lot maintenance plan or not? You’re not alone. Many property owners are conflicted with the decision, with some arguing that asphalt coating is a waste of time. The truth is, pavement sealcoating is an essential parking lot repair procedure and offers more than just aesthetic appeal.

The Benefits of Asphalt Coating

Sealcoating is an effective preventative maintenance procedure that helps protect your asphalt paving from extreme weather conditions. When done on time, asphalt sealcoating offers a variety of benefits for your parking lot.

Asphalt Coating will Protect Your Asphalt Paving from Water Damage

Water damage on asphalt paving is a common problem despite the dry Florida weather. The dry air causes cracks on the pavement. When the rains come, the water penetrates through these cracks creating potholes. Asphalt coating provides a protective layer that slows down cracks formation and prevents water penetration.

Fight Oxidation

Exposure to the sun and air leads to oxidation, a process that speeds up the deterioration process. When oxidation happens in small amounts, it’s good for your parking lot as it affects the asphalt binding agents, causing the parking lot to harden. However, if it happens in large amounts, the asphalt hardens, dries up, and finally cracks. Asphalt sealcoating slows down the oxidation process, therefore preventing the cracks from speeding up the deterioration process.

Prevent Asphalt Damage from Auto Fluids

Asphalt is a petroleum by-product. When auto fluids spill on your parking lot, they dissolve into the pavement, making it soften. The soft spot breaks and cracks with time, speeding up the damage rate of your asphalt. While cleaning up the spills as soon as they happen can protect your asphalt paving, sealcoating goes a long way in preventing the damage.

Improve the Resilience of the Asphalt

Including sealcoating in your regular parking lot maintenance schedule helps fill hairline cracks and smoothen patched-up and rough areas on the surface. When completed the right way using a high-quality sealant, rainwater washes away the dirt and debris, leaving your parking lot looking clean. After sealcoating, the parking lot repair may suggest repainting your parking lot. This procedure is essential as it makes the parking lot markings visible, hence minimizing accidents.

Eliminates the Need for Expensive Repairs

Asphalt coating adds a protective layer on your parking lot, ensuring that it’s not directly exposed to harsh elements. As a result, there’s minimal cracks and pothole formation, therefore saving you from the costly repairs.

If the damages are left unrepaired for long, the parking lot disintegrates at a high rate, calling for complete replacement. Parking lot resurfacing improves the overall condition and the safety of your parking lot. However, it’s an expensive venture which you can avoid by performing regular pavement sealcoating.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Parking Lot

Pavement sealcoating protects your parking lot from harmful agents. These hazards react with asphalt paving leading to cracking and pothole formation. By doing asphalt coating regularly, you protect your parking lot from these defects. To that end, it’s essential when doing asphalt patching and repair you include sealcoating.

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In addition to these benefits, asphalt coating boosts the overall appearance of your parking lot, giving it a fresh and new look. This attracts clients and makes them feel safe when driving and parking in your parking lot.

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