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5 Parking Lot Maintenance Projects to Schedule this Summer

Learn more about the different parking lot maintenance projects you need to schedule during the summer.

A parking lot is the first thing visitors will notice about your property. Scheduling parking lot maintenance is a great way to stay proactive. Making sure your pavement remains in excellent condition. These parking lot professionals can perform a wide range of tasks for making repairs and boosting the curb appeal of your business. Learning about all the different parking lot maintenance projects to schedule during the summer is key to taking care of your asphalt pavement.

Here is an overview of the top asphalt maintenance projects you need to consider this summer.

1) Remove Any Debris

One of the first steps in maintaining a parking lot is to remove any trash or leftover debris. Picking up these items will instantly boost your curb appeal and make your business more attractive to customers. Keeping your parking lot clean will even extend the lifespan of the pavement, which can save you plenty of money. Cleaning your parking lot each week is often recommended for the best results, as it’s an important part of managing property.

2) Repair Cracks and Potholes

Another key aspect of parking lot maintenance is to schedule asphalt repair services. Hiring a contractor for parking lot repair is essential in keeping damages to a minimum before they get worse over time.

On the other hand, not making repairs on time can cost you more money and increase the chance of accidents. These professionals can easily fill in cracks and repair potholes throughout your parking area. Scheduling parking lot repairs will create a much safer environment and reduce liability concerns.

3) Inspect the Drainage System

Drainage issues in your parking lot can often lead to significant damage. Water can seep into the pavement, which can cause potholes to form over time. Keeping a close watch on your drainage system is critical to avoiding these problems. Reaching out to an asphalt repair company to inspect your drainage system is important for staying proactive. Professionals can make adjustments and repairs to help you avoid this problem.

4) Schedule Sealcoating Services

An excellent way to further increase the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot is to schedule sealcoating services. Providing this protective layer across your parking lot will help to limit damages from UV rays, oil stains, and standing water. Sealcoating services are often recommended every three to five years. You may need them more often if your parking lot experiences a lot of wear and tear from traffic. Sealcoating is also a great way to boost the visual appeal of your pavement by providing it with a fresh appearance.

5) Schedule Asphalt Striping

The stripes on a parking lot can eventually fade with time. Scheduling parking lot striping services at least every two years is important in making it easy for visitors to navigate across your parking lot.

These fresh lines will help to reduce the chance of accidents while also providing your parking lot with an updated appearance. An asphalt paving contractor can even redesign your parking lot to help limit wear and tear on your pavement. Scheduling these services will also ensure you stay in compliance with the latest ADA laws.

Benefits of Scheduling Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping your parking lot well-maintained is a great way to make a strong first impression with visitors. Parking lot maintenance also helps you avoid costly lawsuits, and it can further extend the lifespan of your pavement. Taking care of your parking lot is always worth the effort, as partnering with an asphalt repair company is a great investment.

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