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What is the Purpose of Sealcoating for Asphalt Parking lots?

An overview of the purpose of sealcoating and why it can benefit your parking lot.

Sealcoating is a key aspect of parking lot maintenance. Choosing to sealcoat your asphalt pavement will give it a fresh appearance while also providing an added layer of protection from the harsh elements. Hiring an asphalt maintenance company to handle these services is always a wise investment that offers a wide range of benefits.

What is the Purpose of Sealcoating?

One of the biggest reasons to consider sealcoating asphalt pavement is that it helps to extend the life of your parking lot. For example, asphalt surfaces will begin to oxidize over time and fade in appearance. Sealcoating pavement prolongs the life of your asphalt by mixing asphalt emulsions and coal tar to create a black finish that’s highly durable. You will also protect the asphalt parking lot against harmful UV rays by following a sealcoating program.

How Often Should You Sealcoat Your Parking Lot?

Another common question is how often you should sealcoat your parking lot to maximize the life of your asphalt? Typically, it’s a good idea to sealcoat your pavement every three to five years. The amount of vehicle traffic and the weather will play a big role in how long sealcoating protects your pavement.

It’s recommended to reach out to an asphalt maintenance company if you notice any signs of wear and tear, cracking, or fading. These professionals can inspect the asphalt paving to determine the best option for scheduling maintenance and repairs.

Here is an overview of the different benefits of sealcoating asphalt surfaces.

Enhance Curb Appeal

One of the advantages of sealcoating an asphalt parking lot is that it increases curb appeal. The pavement’s surface will look almost brand new due to its dark appearance. You will only need to wait between 24 hours to 48 hours for the drying and curing process before you can begin using your parking lot again.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Another purpose of sealcoating is that it saves you money over the long term. Sealcoating limits the amount of damage to pavement surfaces, whether it’s due to high volumes of traffic or the outside elements. Pavement maintenance will also be much easier to perform if you sealcoat your parking lot every few years.

Reduce Water Penetration

Water can eventually penetrate the surface and cause significant damage to your parking lot. The best way to avoid this problem is to sealcoat your pavement. Sealcoating is a waterproofing agent that provides a protective covering across your parking lot, which helps to extend the lifespan of the asphalt.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Choosing asphalt sealcoating services makes the pavement much easier to keep clean over an extended period of time. The texture of the pavement will remain smooth due to the sealant, which allows you to quickly sweep debris off your parking lot.

Slow the Oxidation Process

A critical aspect of sealcoating is that it helps to fill any surface voids in the pavement. Filling the gaps lessens exposure to UV rays, and it also makes it more difficult for any fluids to penetrate the surface. All of this helps to slow down the oxidation process to ensure your pavement will look great for a long time.

Resists Oil and Gas Spills

Oil stains are a major issue in parking lots. These stains will only get worse over time, and they can lead to serious damage. One way to limit the problem of oil and gas spills is to sealcoat your pavement. The coal tar used in sealcoating is resistant to gas and oil stains that are an all too common occurrence in parking lots.

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