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How Professionals Fill Potholes in Parking Lots

Find out from professionals how to fill potholes in a parking lot.

Potholes can eventually form in any asphalt parking lot. These potholes can cause damage to vehicles and create tripping hazards for customers and employees. One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to reach out to professionals, as they know the best tips on how to fill potholes in a parking lot.

An asphalt paving company can easily repair potholes of all shapes and sizes. These services are a great way to maximize the curb appeal of your property and increase the lifespan of the parking lot.

Why Parking Lot Repairs Shouldn’t Be Delayed

Some commercial property managers and business owners make the mistake of not repairing potholes in a timely manner. Unfortunately, potholes will often get bigger over time and become more costly to repair.

Potholes also create significant liability risks. Taking a more proactive strategy for parking lot maintenance by hiring professionals to repair potholes immediately is key to avoiding these issues. Well-maintained parking lots also look much better than pavement covered with numerous potholes.

What Causes Potholes?

Seasonal temperature fluctuations can cause the asphalt to expand and contract, which eventually leads to cracks. Poor drainage is another common problem, as water can seep into the cracks and exacerbate the problem. General wear and tear from vehicle traffic and weather conditions can also lead to potholes. The best option is to reach out to professionals to patch a pothole before it gets worse.

Here is a step-by-step guide from professionals on how to fill potholes in a parking lot.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step involves an accurate assessment of the pavement. Asphalt contractors will measure the size and depth of the pothole to determine the amount of material required for an effective pothole repair.

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Before the actual repair starts, the affected area should be cleaned of any debris or loose material. Typically, this is done with either a broom or an air compressor. A clean surface allows the patch to be much more durable.

Step 3: Apply Cold Patch Asphalt

Once the area is cleaned, it’s time to apply a cold patch to fix the pothole. Asphalt contractors usually use a shovel or specialized hand tools to fill the hole with the asphalt mixture for proper filling and leveling.

Step 4: Compress the Material

After the asphalt cold patch is in place, a plate compactor is used to press the material down. Compaction eliminates air pockets and helps stabilize the material. The better the compaction, the less likely the repair is to fail over time.

Step 5: Level and Smooth

The newly patched area is leveled to align well with the surrounding asphalt surface. This final step is critical in eliminating any trip hazards, and it also blends the repair seamlessly with the existing surface.

Tools Professionals Use

Knowledge about how to fill potholes in a parking lot isn’t complete without an understanding of the necessary tools. Apart from a broom or air compressor for cleaning the area, professionals also use a shovel or specific hand tools to apply the cold patch. A plate compactor is another critical tool that contributes to the longevity of the repair.

Who Should Handle Pothole Repairs?

While a property manager may consider going the DIY route, professional asphalt contractors are usually the best choice for these repairs. These professionals not only bring experience to the table but also have access to specialized equipment. Letting professionals handle repairs and provide regular maintenance gives you peace of mind, and it will save you a lot of time.

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