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How to Avoid Oxidation in Your Asphalt Parking lot

Learn a few tips on how to limit asphalt oxidation to ensure your pavement looks great!

Dealing with asphalt oxidation is a reality for anyone that owns a parking lot. The oxidation process immediately begins once the new pavement is installed. Oxidation is the reaction of the asphalt being exposed to oxygen. Eventually, the asphalt will begin to fade and look brittle. Over time the pavement will completely oxidize. While it may not be easy to prevent asphalt oxidation, it is possible to limit this process.

Why You Need to Schedule Sealcoating Services

One of the best ways to limit the damage of oxidation in your parking lot is to schedule asphalt sealcoating services. It’s recommended to wait around 30 days before you sealcoat your brand new asphalt. It’s a good idea to schedule sealcoating services every three to five years to maximize the lifespan and improve the appearance of your pavement. Sealcoating limits the asphalt oxidation process, and is a key aspect of parking lot maintenance.

Scheduling sealcoating services also protects the pavement against water penetration. reducing water penetration will limits the number of potholes in your parking lot. Sealcoating a parking lot is even effective in limiting the damage of UV rays, which are a major issue during the summer in Florida. Partnering with a company specializing in maintenance and parking lot repair is important in staying on schedule to ensure your pavement will last.

Signs of Asphalt Oxidation

One of the main signs of asphalt oxidation is that the pavement will become faded and more brittle over an extended period of time. The pavement in your parking lot is much more likely to crack and break due to these changes. Making the needed repairs as soon as possible is critical in keeping these damages to a minimum. Delays in repair services can result in widespread issues throughout your parking lot.

What Do You Need to Do if the Damage is Severe?

Oxidation in your asphalt parking lot can result in significant damage if you don’t sealcoat your pavement. These damages may include severe cracking and spider-web cracks throughout the parking lot. Reaching out to an experienced asphalt pavement contractor in your area is key to filling these cracks before sealing the pavement. Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance can help extend the lifespan of the pavement. It’s a cost-effective investment for business owners.

Extra Reasons to Maintain Your Parking Lot

Not spending money on parking lot maintenance can result in significant costs in the future. A lack of parking lot maintenance can lead to alligator cracks and significant damage to the entire layer of asphalt. Staying proactive with sealcoating and asphalt repairs can reduce these damages, which can save you a lot of stress and money. You will also enhance the curb appeal of your property, which makes it easier to attract new customers.

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