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Summer Maintenance for Your Parking Lot

Find out which parking lot maintenance services are essential for preparing your asphalt pavement for the summer.

Parking lot maintenance is key to limiting repairs and keeping your asphalt pavement in excellent condition. A well-maintained parking lot is especially important during the hot summer months. Hiring a company offering parking lot maintenance services in Tampa is always a wise decision for business owners and property managers. These asphalt professionals can easily take care of your parking lot while reducing the effects of wear and tear.

Here are some of the most important parking lot maintenance services to schedule to prepare for the summer months.

Perform an Inspection

One of the first steps in asphalt maintenance is to schedule an inspection. These professionals will inspect the entire area of your parking lot to identify any issues, whether they’re potholes, cracks, or drainage problems. An inspection will help determine the extent of the damage to your pavement while also providing you with an idea of how much maintenance is needed to take care of these issues.

Clean and Sweep the Parking Lot

Parking areas need to be cleaned and swept on a regular basis to maximize curb appeal. A clean parking lot also makes it much easier to attract new customers to your business. A company providing parking lot maintenance services will clean your pavement and remove any debris before beginning any repairs.

Check the Drainage System

Storm drains play a vital role in directing excess water away from the parking lot. However, these drains can eventually get clogged over time. Inspecting and cleaning the catch basins, storm drains, and gutters will ensure proper drainage, and it’s an essential task for maintaining any parking lot.

Remove Any Vegetation Growth

Weeds and other plants can eventually grow in cracks, and they can cause long-term damage to your parking lot. Remaining proactive by removing these weeds as soon as possible is essential to avoid any major issues. Inspecting your pavement on a weekly basis is a great way to keep your parking lot well-maintained.

Repair Damages

The next stage of parking lot maintenance is to begin making repairs. Taking care of repairs now can prevent these problems from getting much worse, which helps to boost the lifespan of your pavement and save you money at the same time. Asphalt repairs can also be wide-ranging, whether it’s filling in small cracks, repairing potholes, or doing more extensive repair work.

Sealcoat the Pavement

One of the best maintenance tips is to sealcoat your parking lot every few years. Sealcoating services give your pavement a brand-new appearance, and they also provide a protective layer against water damage, oil stains, and UV rays. A freshly sealed parking lot also helps limit wear and tear from traffic, which is why it’s such an important investment.

Restripe Parking Lot

Parking lots will need to be restriped once the sealcoating process is complete. Restriping your parking lot gives your pavement a fresh look while also making it easier to navigate. An asphalt contractor will also make sure the layout and all of the markings are in compliance with the latest ADA regulations.

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