Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete is everywhere in America, and it’s the building material of choice for all sorts of projects, including foundations, bridges, sidewalks, and parking lots. The types of concrete used by concrete resurfacing companies in Tampa are highly refined mixtures of fine aggregate and carefully formulated additives that increase strength and durability. However, that doesn’t mean concrete […]

How Asphalt is Made

Asphalt is a black material that is created during the petroleum production process. Typically, asphalt is used for waterproofing, insulating, or paving. Asphalt paving is a highly durable material that is perfectly suited for roads and parking lots. When asphalt paving is made, it is mined from a specialized quarry. After asphalt has been extracted […]

A Quick Peek at the Asphalt Repair Process

Asphalt paving is highly durable and can withstand the damaging effects of sunlight, water, and heavy traffic. Over time, you may notice that your asphalt is in need of repairs or services. One of the most common types of asphalt repair is a process known as patching. During a patching procedure, an asphalt repair technician […]

A Look at Some Common Concrete Repair Methods

If your driveway or parking lot has become damaged or cracked, you may want to consider hiring a concrete repair company. When the structural foundation of your concrete becomes cracked or broken, it is important to schedule concrete repairs before the problem becomes serious. A company that specializes in concrete resurfacing in Tampa can help […]

Parking Lot Maintenance for Hotels and Restaurants

If you have a commercial facility with a parking lot, then you already understand how important it is to maintain lot appearance to improve functionality and attract customers. Clunky, littered parking lots have less curb appeal and poor lot maintenance and upkeep convey a lack of professionalism and security. Perhaps more importantly, a parking lot […]

Pavement Marking and First Impressions

First impressions matter. What’s outside your business is the first thing your customers notice. Seeing well-maintained grounds with a newly striped parking lot with clear pavement marking instills a sense of confidence that visitors and customers will have a positive experience in your place of business. If you neglect your parking lot and grounds, and […]

Parking Lot Services CAI Trade Show

Parking Lot Services of Florida, Tampa Bay’s leading paving contractor and parking lot service provider would like to thank everyone who came out to show their support, and for those in attendance at Friday’s Community Associations Institute trade show. The Suncoast Chapter of CAI serves the educational, business and networking needs of community associations in […]

Paving Maintenance for Homeowner Association

A primary goal for members of homeowners associations is creating and sustaining attractive well-managed communities. Members take great pride in the appearance of their homes, community, and the condition of their paved roads. They know that first impressions always matter and they work diligently to keep their community safe and attractive. Through the efforts of […]

Curb Appeal and Retail Property Value

Your business is much more than the services you provide, products on your shelf, a fancy logo or slick marketing campaigns. Your business is you; everything in it presents an image of you for the whole world to see. How the world sees you ultimately determines the success or failure of your company. Curb appeal, […]