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An In-Depth Look at Structural Concrete Repair

Concrete is the building material of choice for all sorts of projects ranging from sidewalks and driveways to commercial parking structures and high-rise buildings. Although concrete is widely used for its strength and durability, it’s not impervious to damage. When a crack or other imperfection affects the performance of the structure, a concrete contractor in […]

Spotlight on Concrete Crack Repair

Although concrete cracks are typical, they most definitely shouldn’t remain ignored. More often than not, concrete cracks will widen over time and result in water seepage or possibly the loss of structural integrity. One common method of concrete repair in Tampa is low-pressure crack injection, in which the crack is filled with epoxy or urethane. […]

The Common Causes of Concrete Damage

America is largely built on concrete—after all, it can be found below your foot with almost every step you take. Concrete is known for its strength and longevity, which has made it one of the top building materials of choice for all sorts of projects. However, that doesn’t mean concrete is indestructible. Overtime, a number […]

All About Concrete Surface Repairs

When you install a new concrete driveway or parking lot, it’s important to be on the lookout for damage to the surface of your concrete. Often, concrete repair issues originate in the top layer of the concrete surface. This type of concrete repair problem is often referred to as spalling. Spalling can occur when concrete […]

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Understanding the Basics of Concrete Repair

When you pour a new concrete driveway or parking lot for your property, you can expect your concrete surface to last for many years to come. Over the months and seasons, however, your concrete will experience natural wear and tear. Eventually, you may find that you are in need of concrete repairs. Concrete repairs can […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete is everywhere in America, and it’s the building material of choice for all sorts of projects, including foundations, bridges, sidewalks, and parking lots. The types of concrete used by concrete resurfacing companies in Tampa are highly refined mixtures of fine aggregate and carefully formulated additives that increase strength and durability. However, that doesn’t mean concrete […]